CANVIVA’s mission, to be your trusted, go-to brand, begins by providing safe, effective, superior CBD products. With a full line of tinctures (drops) and topical products applied to the skin, CANVIVA has something for everyone.

CANVIVA is the only brand to carry the PURE CERTIFIED CBD™ Oil seal on all of our products. Our certification goes beyond many other certification program standards. It is our guarantee, from soil to certification, that our CBD oil meets these 7 standards for purity, quality, and safety:

  • Derived from U.S. grown, organic industrial hemp
  • Traceable back to the crop/licensed grower
  • Produced under strict manufacturing practices (GMPs)
  • Extracted via food-safe ethanol, best for preserving cannabinoids, terpenes, and other naturally occurring compounds found in full spectrum CBD
  • Third-party, lab tested for contaminants and cannabinoid quantification: solvent free, pesticide free, free of heavy metals and other impurities, contains less than 0.3% THC
  • Non GMO
  • Made in the U.S.

CANVIVA is a leader in functional CBD tinctures, many formulated with essential oils. These tinctures, developed to target specific issues, include Rest, Calm, Boost, Restore, Focus, Balance, and Pure. We also offer a delicious Pure Mint CBD tincture, Soluble CBD tincture to mix with food and drink, and Pure Pet for cats and dogs. Our tinctures have no added flavors, sweeteners, or colors. CANVIVA’s topical products include RELIEVE roll on for muscle and joints, Soothe balm and Refresher lotion

From inspiration to information, to education, CANVIVA is here to help you maximize your health so you can be your best you.

For more information about CANVIVA CBD products or how essential oils can enhance your CBD experience visit the CANVIVA website.

Base line

Are CANVIVA CBD products 3rd party lab tested?

Yes CANVIVA products are third party tested – You can find COA’s (Certificates of Analysis) for every product on the individual product page on CANVIVA’s website.


Does Canviva grow its own hemp?

No – CANVIVA currently sources organic hemp from Colorado but is greatly involved with the Minnesota Hemp Initiative and is a proud member of the Minnesota Hemp Association.


Where is CANVIVA Hemp sourced?

CANVIVA currently sources organic hemp from Colorado in the USA while products are made in Minnesota.


What extraction method does CANVIVA use?

CANVIVA uses food-safe ethanol extraction.


Is the hemp used organic and complains with GMP regulation?

Yes, CANVIVA uses organic hemp that is compliant with GMP regulation.


Is CANVIVA a multilevel marketing company?