About Us

We don’t believe humanity can or should be reduced to a mechanical information system. We believe the body and mind hold an intelligence that goes beyond any physical measurement.

We have the responsibility to listen with care and pay holistic attention. How each person feels and perceives is important and not to be taken for granted. We are on a mission to explore that field of science. For true science is about embracing and acknowledging the unknown.

Not just an App, it’s your personal concierge

MyDosage is an independent management application that connects Consumers, Brands and Science to create better healthcare outcomes.

We are the first and only two-way communication application in the world that provides live clinical trial evaluation and feedback.

Who we are

With existing operations in New York City (PR), Copenhagen (Science, Research and Publications), and Hong Kong (HQ), plus team members recruited from over 10 different countries, MyDosage has become a hub for a passionate team of scientists, clinicians, psychologists, developers, designers, marketers and writers, dedicated to improve healthcare holistically.

Science, research & publications

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We’re using data to generate insights to improve and help people live better. Want in?