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In Denmark, Copenhagen, we aim to conduct ongoing high-quality, relevant, accessible systematic reviews of the available research evidence.

We do so by offering donations to hospitals, labs, clinicians, MD students and PhDs, to support publications and studies that focus around the field of improving and understanding healthcare holistically.
More concretely, we are interested in understanding mental health and physical correlations.


A systematic review of all human studies to evaluate the safety and efficiency of Cannabidiol (CBD) dosages for all conditions and symptoms.

Other work in progress

Double blinded, randomized, controlled trial exploring the safety and efficacy of pain relief in rheumatoid patients with Cannabis

We stay researching

Most clinical trials follow a golden rule: design a test to isolate the “real,” physiological effects of a drug from the “fake,” psychological ones. In other words, eliminate the possibility that a placebo is mistaken for legitimate success.

But this practice creates a problem. For doctors to treat patients correctly, and for patients to understand their treatment options, all information on the mental and physical effects of a drug need to be made available. Right now, this isn’t the case. More often than not, only a select few clinical trials are ever published—and those that are typically show only the positive results of a medication, not the negative.

There’s a solution, though. Increasingly, researchers are paying more attention to how mindset can impact our health. And what they’ve discovered is likely to change the future of medicine forever. In numerous studies, patients’ mindset—i.e. “This will make me feel better”—activates certain parts of the brain that trigger the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

This finding isn’t just worthy of attention—it’s a call for more research. That’s where we come in.

At MyDosage, our mission is to dig deep into how CBD makes you feel—mentally, physically, and everything in between. We’re launching an ambitious clinical trial that we hope will lay the foundation for a more holistic approach to health data collection and distribution—and your role will take center stage. Your contributions to MyDosage will help us understand how CBD may help more people feel better.

The app is designed for you, but your insight and continued feedback on dosage, products, and symptom changes will help push the field of biomedical research forward, one day at a time.

Other sources of inspiration:

A lab that focuses on how subjective mindsets can alter objective reality.

Clinical trials in progress: a resource provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.