Dosages aren’t one size fits all.

Isn’t it time we start acting like it?

We know that you are unique

Every person is different, everyone has a different story.
Everybody needs a different dosage.

Meet some of our users

Sarah, 41

Tax Advisor

“I was using CBD oil for months, with no actual effects. But after I started using MyDosage I discovered how far from my optimum dosage I was. Now I can finally say that I feel a huge improvement.”

My routine:

40 mg of Full Spectrum CBD a day

Dan, 61

“Helps me keep track of my dosage and very easy to use. Made me use my product better and get more out of it. I also noticed I needed a higher dosage and the product library helped me pick the right product for my needs.”

My routine:

65 mg of Full Spectrum CBD a day

Kyle, 50

“This app is like Amazon for CBD. I can read all about the products, compare them and even read more about how they work and what they are good for.
I highly recommend it!”

My routine:

84 mg of Full Spectrum CBD a day

Mia, 35

“I swear CBD has done miracles to my sleep quality. I used to always have issues sleeping and now I feel much more calm and relaxed before sleep. Using MyDosage helps me find my CBD sweet spot and keeps track on my sleep quality daily.
Thank you so much.”

My routine:

35 mg of Full Spectrum CBD a day