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Eir Health

About Eir Health

Eir Health is a rare example of a supplements company driven by a science-first approach that doesn't over-promise nor sells you a false vision of the world. It's one of a very few vertically integrated companies that control the whole process of CBD production from seeds till the final bottle in customers hands.

The company is named after the goddess of healing from Old Norse mythology. Eir was, renowned for her mercy and peacefulness, and those are the values that Eir Health wants to share.

Eir Health was founded by a group of friends with pharmacy, supplements and product development background and operates from numerous locations in the EU and the US with main offices in Long Beach, CA and Poznan, Poland. Hemp fields and production are located in Poland, but 3rd party lab tests are run in the reputable Californian lab - SC Labs from Santa Cruz.

Eir Health CBD extracts come in a variety of concentrations. The company recognizes that everyone reacts differently to CBD, and requires different strengths to soothe their ailments. Their website also features a complex knowledge section that is full of valuable articles about how to take and use CBD.

Important facts about Eir Health

Are Eir Health products 3rd party lab tested?

You can find 3rd party lab results for every batch of the product on Eir Health website. All tests are done by a reputable lab SCLabs from California.


Does Eir Health grow own hemp?

Official info that we found online says that Eir Health grows their own hemp in the European Union. After investigating further we confirmed that info. Eir Health grows hemp in west part of Poland and in Croatia. You can find several videos and photos presenting their fields online on IG and YT.


Where is Eir Health hemp sourced?

Eir Health grows their own hemp in Poland and Croatia.


What extraction method Eir Health use?


Is the hemp used organic and complains with GMP regulation?


Is Eir Health a multilevel marketing company?