Elixinol is a Colorado based company, focused on manufacturing and providing the highest quality CBD Hemp extracts in the world. Since 1991, Elixinol Co-Founder Paul Benhaim has been a leader in the industrial hemp industry and over the last few decades has built deep relationships with leading global hemp experts. He is the founder of Hemp Foods Australia and has been cultivating and manufacturing hemp on a large scale around the world for years.

Benhaim has travelled the world over the last two decades in a search to find “the best hemp in the world” and is proud to work with some of the leading hemp seed developers, growers, processors, and manufacturers in the world.

Elixinol’s extensive product line is sourced from both American and European organically-grown hemp. Their US products are made with hemp grown in Colorado, while their European products come from hemp cultivated on European farms. Elixinol is dedicated to providing the highest quality CBD and they are largely focused on offering products created with pharmaceutical grade standards. Elixinol is GMP certified and also holds certification from the US Hemp Authority. All of their products are approved by Realm of Caring, a non-profit created by the founders of Charlotte’s Web dedicated improving lives through cannabis research, education, and community.

All of Elixinol’s products are tested both in-house and by an independent third-party lab. Before products are shipped from their manufacturing facility, they are thoroughly tested for potency, terpene profiles, microbiological contamination, pesticides, and heavy metals. From the onset, multiple samples of the same product are tested before “dummy samples” are sent to third party labs to verify their results. Elixinol’s testing team stems from the pharmaceutical industry and they only utilize testing labs that “mirror pharmaceutical industry processes and controls.” Customers can view lab test results by entering their product’s batch number on the company’s website.

Elixinol prides themselves on being an industry leader when it comes to product safety, innovation, and affordability. Their vast line of full spectrum, organic, hemp-derived CBD products includes CBD tinctures, CBD capsules, CBD liposomes designed for rapid absorption, CBD cream, a water-soluble CBD powder, and more.

Base line

Does Elixinol offer third-party lab test results?

In theory you can chect 3rd party lab results on site if you know the batch number, but that also means it's impossible to see them before you buy the product. We asked their customer support and they didn't share it also.


Does Elixinol grow the hemp used to make their products?

They declare they do, but we didn't find any photos of proof


Where does Elixinol source their hemp from?

Hemp used to make Elixinol’s US products is grown on Colorado hemp farms, and their European products are grown on European hemp farms.


What type of extraction method does Elixinol use?


Is the hemp used organic and complains with GMP regulation?


Is Elixinol a multilevel marketing company?