Entourage™ CBD E-Liquid: Occam's Razor Flavor. 100mg CBD

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Full Spectrum
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Total CBD 100.00 mg

Total THC 0.30 mg

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Price Per mg $0.35

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Key informations about Entourage™ CBD E-Liquid: Occam's Razor Flavor. 100mg CBD

Product info
  • Type: Vapes
  • Size: 10.0ml
  • Flavour: Multiple
  • Type: Full Spectrum
  • Total CBD: 100.00 mg
  • Total THC: 0.30 mg
  • Lab results: YES
  • Retail Price: $35.00
  • Price Per CBD mg: $0.35
  • Available in: usa

Quality Check

Extraction: CO2

Grown in: USA usa

Produced in: USA usa

Quality 3rd party lab: Botanacor Services results: See Results


Occam's Razor is the construct that the least-complicated solution is always the best. In this spirit, we created this e-liquid with twice the potency of our other flavors and 1/4 of the terpene enhancement. The resulting flavor profile is subtle yet quite sophisticated: flashes of hops, rosemary, cardamom, and gin entice the palate. Perfect for all-day use. Can also be used as a CBD boost to your other e-liquid.