Founded by Dan Bilzerian in 2017, Ignite is a Los Angeles-based brand with a simple mission: to be the absolute best cannabis company in the industry. Dan double-majored in business and criminology at the University of Florida. And here’s a fun fact: He won over $50 million in a single year as a professional poker player.

While Ignite sells traditional CBD oils, their innovation lies in their rechargeable vape pens, produced in partnership with Bō Vaping. The vapes feature a sleek design that houses disposable CBD flavor pods, each of which emphasizes a unique flavour corresponding to different mood.

Available flavours include lavender, blood orange, tropical fruit, tangerine, and apple berry. Moods include calm, lucid, or recharge. To mask the notable earthy flavor characterizing natural CBD oils, Ignite flavors their products with ingredients that enhance sweetness such as fractionated coconut oil, essential oils, and stevia.

The company’s CBD products are ISO certified, contain 0% THC, no pesticides, and are genetically modified to be gluten-free. Ignite sells CBD drops, disposable vape pens, rechargeable vape pens, toothpick packs infused with CBD, and other apparel-related merchandise.