PharmaHemp is a European CBD brand based out of Slovenia. Founded in 2011, PharmaHemp is one of the oldest CBD brands in the business and has been committed to providing some of the highest quality hemp products worldwide for almost a decade. This family-owned business has spent years perfecting several high quality CBD products and is a true global leader in the CBD industry.

PharmaHemp cultivates hemp on their own traditional European hemp farms in Slovenia and Croatia. The process begins with carefully selected local European seed strains that contain optimal CBD levels and cannabinoid profiles. Hemp is grown sustainably with natural resources, producing mature hemp plants free of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, heavy metals, and other potential contaminants. Hemp is harvested by hand on specifically select days and dried naturally in a proprietary closed-machine procedure at temperatures below 35 degrees Celsius. This technique preserves the crystals on the plant material that contain essential cannabinoids and terpenes.

Once harvested and cured PharmaHemp employs supercritical CO2 extraction, maintaining that this method is superior for creating a pure and potent, high-quality, all-natural hemp extract. Testing by analytical labs is performed through every part of production and all products undergo further testing to meet GMP regulation.

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is available for each product on the product page. Customers can also order full lab reports from PharmaHemp labs for the price of 60 EUR. Customers must send in a small sample of their product, and once it’s received and processed lab reports are sent within 7-10 days.

PharmaHemp has over 40 full spectrum CBD products to choose from including CBD oil drops, CBD extracts, CBD topicals, CBD crystals, CBD e-liquids, CBD oral care products, and CBD cosmetics. Products can be shipped worldwide, with duty, import, or general tax charges for sending products to countries outside of Europe the responsibility of the customer. European domestic packages are shipped in 1-3 days, while international order delivery time is approximately 3-14 days.

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Does PharmaHemp offer third-party lab test results

Yes. Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are available for each of their products online. Customers can also order detailed lab reports from PharmaHemp labs by sending in a sample of their product.


Does PharmaHemp grow the hemp used to make their products?


Where does PharmaHemp source their hemp from?

PharmaHemp sources their hemp from their own European hemp farms in Croatia and Slovenia.


What type of extraction method does PharmaHemp use?

PharmaHemp uses supercritical CO2 extraction.


Is the hemp used organic and complains with GMP regulation?


Is PharmaHemp a multilevel marketing company?