Plus CBD Oil

Plus CBD Oil

PlusCBD Oil is a subsidiary of CV Sciences, a life sciences company founded by Micahel Mona, Jr. in 2012. Mr. Mona has since stepped down from the President and CEO position—and as of May 2018, the CEO position is held by Joseph Dowling. The company has offices and facilities in California and Nevada.

CV Sciences’ mission is to make healthy people healthier. They do this by selling CBD-infused consumer products that enhance the well-being of customers and the communities in which they live. The company has established themselves as a credible source of information through the credentials of their management team, scientific advisory board, and educators.

In addition, the company’s CBD oil was used in the first study examining the clinical benefit of CBD for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder. The 2019 study was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

PlusCBD Oil is the largest wholesale CBD hemp oil manufacturing and distributing company in the United States. They offer bulk next-day shipping and full traceability to retailers. The company also sells bulk products to retailers in different forms, including raw, decarb, powder, and distilled.

In raw form, Bulk Raw Oil products contain natural, unrefined CBD oils that are commonly used to formulate products like topicals because of the high concentration of cannabidiolic acids. Bulk Decarb Oil and Bulk Powder both undergo a decarboxylation process that yields a higher concentration of CBD, around 13-15% CBD, that is better suited for retailers selling capsules and tinctures. With 23-25% CBD, Bulk Distilled Oil is the most refined and highest-concentrated CBD oil that the company offers.

On the company’s website, individual consumers can purchase a wide variety of CBD products, including balms, sprays, oils, soft gels, oral applicators, and gummies.