Receptra Naturals

Receptra Naturals

Receptra Naturals is a Colorado-based, family owned and operated CBD company committed to providing quality CBD oil and runs their entire business from seed to sale. They offer almost a dozen different products that include full spectrum and THC-free tinctures, topicals, and CBD products for pets.

Receptra Naturals runs a true seed-to-sale operation. Hemp used to make Receptra Naturals’ products is cultivated sustainably in Colorado on their own farms using organic growing practices. Plants are hand harvested by the entire Receptra Naturals team and processed at their on-site labs using cold ethanol extraction. Final products are created by their in-house chemist, where they are then third party tested for quality and potency.

All Receptra Naturals are third party tested with test results available on their website. Not only do they provide independent third party lab test results but also have a section on their website where customers can learn more about third party testing results. Detailed information is offered about everything contained in COA (Certificate of Analysis) results, including cannabinoid levels, solvents, pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals, and more.

Receptra Naturals uses full spectrum CBD in most of their products. They do offer a broad-spectrum THC-free oil for those with concerns about THC use because of employment or personal reasons. Each product page contains detailed information about each product, offering everything consumers need to know to determine whether it’s the best product for their personal needs.

Receptra offers a rewards program that allows customers earn points for each purchase they make and use these points towards discounts on future purchases. They also have a military appreciation program that offers 15% off to active and retired military members. Receptra Naturals donates a portion of their proceeds to nonprofit partners in their community, supporting “social, animal, and environmental causes that make the world a better place.”

Base line

Does Receptra Naturals offer third-party lab test results?

Yes. Third party lab test results are available for all of their products on their website.


Does Receptra Naturals grow the hemp used to make their products?


Where does Receptra Naturals source their hemp from?

Receptra Naturals grows their own hemp on their family-owned Colorado farms. All plants are hand harvested.


What type of extraction method does Receptra Naturals use

Receptra Naturals uses ethanol extraction.


Is the hemp used organic and complains with GMP regulation?


Is Receptra Naturals a multilevel marketing company?