Tilray is a Canadian cannabis company with a strong global presence that was founded in 2013. With professionals in over 7 countries, Tilray aims to “lead, legitimize, and define” the future of the cannabis industry by becoming the world’s most trusted cannabis company. The Tilray team is run by industry leaders in cannabis medicine and cultivation and is dedicated to continual cannabis research and agricultural science.

Tilray grows their own cannabis in a state-of-the-art cultivation facility, propagating several different cannabis strains to meet a wide variety of patient needs, including indicas, sativas, hybrids, and CBD-dominant strains. They have products available in extract form and dried flower.

Products are meticulously created from seed to sale, with precision taken through every step of the process. All products are tested for purity and potency, with analysis and documentation provided with stability profiles, master drug files, certificates of analysis, and monographs.

Tilray’s extensive product line is made up of cannabis oils, capsules, whole flower, and ground flower. Products formulations are available with THC, CBD, or a balanced blend of both cannabinoids. They also offer several cannabis-based products including vaporizers, glass jars, stash boxes, humidors, and more.

Tilray has taken a scientific approach to product development and all products are created with thorough attention to detail. With a strong belief that an evolving scientific understanding of the cannabis industry is necessary to completely understand the benefits and risks of cannabis-based medicine, Tilray has a created a clinical research program with research partners at leading hospitals and universities around the world.

Tilray is the first CMP-certified cannabis company and has operations in Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and North America. They were one of the first licensed medical cannabis companies in Canada, the first company to legally export medical cannabis to North America from Australia and New Zealand, and the first company to legally export medical cannabis to Europe from North America. Their Latin American headquarters are in Chile, where cannabis products are imported, produced and distributed throughout the country. Tilray recently became the first company ever to export a commercial shipment of medical cannabis to Israel.

Tilray has several global partnerships including Abinbev, the world’s largest brewer with whom they will conduct research into THC and CBD-infused beverages. In 2019, Tilray purchased Manitoba Harvest, the world’s largest producer of hemp-based foods for $318 million. The same year they also partnered with Authentic Brands Group, a US-based brand company that will help some of the biggest US brands create their own line of cannabis products. Tilray also recently purchased UK-based company Smith & Sinclair to create CBD-infused edibles.

Base line

Does Tilray offer third-party lab test results?


Does Tilray grow the cannabis used to make their products?


Where does Tilray source their cannabis from?

Tilray grows their cannabis in their own state-of-the-art production facilities


What type of extraction method does Tilray use?

Tilray uses both supercritical CO2 and ethanol extraction methods.


Is the hemp used organic and complains with GMP regulation?


Is Tilrey a multilevel marketing company?