How can I expect CBD to make me feel?

The saying that, “cannabidiol (CBD) gets you healthy, not high” has become a type of mantra in the CBD world. In fact, one of the reasons of the meteoric rise in popularity of CBD oil is because, unlike it’s intoxicating cousin tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), this cannabinoid allow users to experience a ton of therapeutic benefits while also allowing them to carry on with their every-day activities without impairment.

But, because CBD of this, for many it also begs the question: “So, how can I expect CBD to make me feel? How do I know if it is working?”

Psychoactive vs. intoxicating

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), any substance that affects mental processes, such as cognition, can be classified as “psychoactive” while those which cause disturbances in the level of consciousness, cognition, perception, judgement, affect, or behaviour, or other psychophysiological functions and responses are considered “intoxicating”.

Therefore, by this definition CBD can technically be considered psychoactive. But because CBD does not cause impairment, even at high dosages, it is classified as being non-intoxicating. In contrast, THC is well known to cause a “high” - a feeling of euphoria and pleasure, but also cause cognitive impairments such as forgetfulness and a loss of psychomotor abilities. This makes THC both psychoactive as well as intoxicating.

So, how does CBD make you feel?

The effects of CBD are subtle with most people experiencing a feeling of “loosening up” along with an overall sense of physical, mental and emotional well-being. Some people compare it to a feeling that is almost like a runner’s high in which you feel happier, energized and focused. In other words, you’ll feel good but not inebriated, experiencing a heightened sense of awareness, an increase in mental alertness and ability to focus as well as a lift in mood and a reduced feelings of stress and tension.

In addition, if you are taking CBD for a specific condition, you can also expect to experience the easing up of your symptoms due to the anti-anxiety, anti-panic, anti-depressant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and many other beneficial effects of CBD.

What About the THC in my CBD oil?

Full-spectrum CBD oil is pretty much known for containing all of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant - including THC. However, for those worried about feeling “stoned” from a full-spectrum CBD oil, rest assured that most legal CBD products contains only trace amounts, typically below 0.3%. This is just enough to experience the therapeutic benefits of the entourage effect, by far not enough to induce feelings of euphoria.

I’m not feeling my CBD anymore. What now?

Many people “feel” their CBD oil much more when they just start taking it than they do later. And you might too. The reason for this is that, over time, your experience of CBD becomes your new “normal”, giving the illusion that the initial effects have diminished.

For example, if you are taking CBD for anxiety, you will likely notice the reduction in your feelings of panic and anxiety much more in the first few days than you do after a few weeks. This is purely because the contrast between how anxious you feel “before CBD” and “after CBD” is much more pronounced when you just start using CBD than it is once you’re managing your symptoms and experience an overall reduction of anxiety symptoms.

So, if you feel that you can’t “feel” your CBD so anymore, it doesn’t mean that it is also not working anymore. Instead, the reason why it “feels” less noticeable is actually BECAUSE it’s working. Chances are that once you run out or don’t take your CBD for a few days, you are bound to notice the difference.

Final Thoughts

As for anything and everything CBD, it is important to first and fore most remember that everyone is different. This also means that everyone will react differently to CBD, and therefore also experience the effects of CBD differently. Similarly, the effects of CBD are subtle, but with that said, you will feel something. And although you might think that your CBD isn’t working anymore because you don’t “feel” it, it is actually quite the opposite.