Bulk CBD Isolate

Bluebird Botanicals

<0.2% THC

Total CBD 99,700.00 mg

Total THC 24.93 mg

Retail Price €1,190.00

Price Per mg €0.01

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Key informations about Bulk CBD Isolate

Product info
  • Type: Isolate_and_crystals
  • Size: 100.0g
  • Flavour: None
  • Total CBD: 99,700.00 mg
  • Total THC: 24.93 mg
  • Lab results: YES
  • Retail Price: €1,190.00
  • Price Per CBD mg: €0.01
  • Available in: USA, EUROPE

Quality Check

Extraction: CO2

Grown in: USA

Produced in: USA

Quality 3rd party lab: Eurofins results: See Results


Bulk CBD Isolate – 100 gram, 250 gram, 500 gram, and 1 kilogram (1,000g) tubs of +99% isolated cannabidiol (CBD). Prices for bulk CBD are negotiable